Late Night Session, by Instinct

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To Anonymous

Hey bro, it’s been along time since, one, I’ve been on this page, and two that we have talked. If you wanna keep talking shit, hearing my awesome new music, or whatever follow my tumblr: 

You can keep riding my dick until it turns purple. Hope to see you soon, bitch. ;) 

Hey I'm a fan and I know this is a personal question and it isn't any of my business but are you still with your girl cause you guys were really cute together and is she the one you had that cute baby with?

First thing first, follow my new blog!

And I don’t really know who you’re talking about, yes I had a baby with my current amazing girlfriend; Maritza, and thank you for calling my baby cute. ^-^

The Supplier: I remember about ten months ago I had a crush on this girl I thought...


I remember about ten months ago I had a crush on this girl I thought she was amazing and stuff but turns out everyone’s the same,the fucked up part is you made me feel like shit you made me hate myself and nearly go insane but I hope all those lies you told me were worth it like when you said you…

Fuck her, you deserve someone better anyways!